Raven Cruizer Guidance System

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Raven Cruizer

Raven Introduces Simple, Affordable Cruizer™ Guidance System

Raven CruizerPut the benefits of Raven Cruizer™ guidance to work for you today

Save time and money avoid overlaps that cost time, money and waste product. Eliminate missed areas to make sure you get optimal value from your input investment. Quick and easy installation and operation lets you set up and get in and out of the field more quickly.

Increase flexibility Cruizer can be used in a variety of operations. day or night, from tillage to seeding to spraying to harvesting. Move from tractor to tractor - even tractor to truck.

Reduce fatigue Easy to read guidance display means you have one less thing to worry about while you're working. Instead of keeping track of where you are in the field, you can concentrate on other important activities.

Improve profitability Add it all up and Cruizer benefits go straight to your bottom line - especially given Cruizer’s competitive price and quick payback on your investment.